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Carrying the Load In Relationships

I don't think anyone goes into a relationship thinking,

they want to become this nagging, ragging crazy person, that's far from it. For the most part, I believe all of us seek love and understanding. Hoping that with that you will receive respect, a sense of security and an open line of communication.

Relationships take work, it's not like the fairytale stories we believed in when we were little where you ride off into the sunset living happily ever after. What a load of crock!!! 

In relationships, there should be some give, take, compromise, respect, clear communication,  intimacy and a deep connection. One person shouldn't feel as if they're doing most of the work themselves. They can go from expressing their feelings in a loving way hoping the other party will validate what they feel but if this is a continuous cycle, that person can begin to feel taken for granted, feeling sadness and frustration which leads to anger. Then the other party starts to wonder why this once sweet, loving person has now become depressed and angry, wanting to end the relationship.

As the saying goes, "a woman will treat a man the way she wants to be treated but then she will begin to treat him the way she treats her".

Think about that for a moment.

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