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Night time is not for Inspiration..


One of the landscaping lights shine brightly outside our bedroom window as night has taken over the day.

Gazing at the time showing on the right hand corner of my laptop, I notice that its a little after nine and all is quite within the house.

Well, somewhat as my husband lays next to me softly breathing which I hope doesn't turn into loud snoring which sometimes he does.

Laying down but propped up by my pillows, with earphones over my ears playing soothing zen music, I try to think of something witty to chat in regards to marriage, being a mother or a glam-mother (grandma) all while trying to concur the world as I try to successfully run an organized and smooth household.

Hey, a girl can dream, right??!!

Anyway, I'm sitting here trying to come up with something witty, profound and educational regarding my life and my experiences but my brain just wants to go to sleep.

Which could be the result of the zen music lulling me to sleep.

Anyway today, I just pondered in my thoughts, drifting in and out of consciousness trying to unblock my creativity. I find it interesting how one can come up with ideas for others but seem to hit a brick wall when trying to come up with ideals for themselves or maybe it's. the time of day and my brain isn't feeling the need dole out any thought provoking words.

Oh well,  maybe tomorrow I'll be hit with some type of inspiration but for now, I'll just lie my head upon my pillow, close my eyes hoping I'll drift off into dreamland. 



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